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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Stock Photos

Not all good things in life are free. Some come at a price, but affordable. Stock photos won’t solve all your graphics needs, but there’s a lot they can do without breaking your bank. While there are free options in the Internet, they don’t usually come with the right license to protect you against legal issues. If you are working with a client or running your own website, this could be a real problem. Copyright infringement will not only damage your reputation. You can get photos here.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should buy stock photos:

  1. To save time. Conducting your own photoshoot is not only expensive but also time-consuming. A good stock photo website can save you time as you can find images more easily and quickly.
  2. To have a lot of choices. Many stock photo sites offer millions of high quality images in various categories, making it more likely to find the stock photo that suits your creative needs.
  3. To find compelling images. While some agencies offer “stocky” images, there are others that offer a premium collection. You can find images based on emotion, theme or concept that are ready to use.
  4. To save money. Stock images are budget-friendly. They are an inexpensive alternative to acquire compelling imagery that suits your vision.
  5. To get usage rights. When you buy stock photos, you are also buying the right license to protect you against copyright issues. Typically, they include a standard royalty-free license. But, you also have the option to get an extended license as needed.
  6. To get guaranteed model releases. To use a photo of someone, you need his or her signed release. This is not true to free sites. That’s why buying stock images from a reputable agency is crucial.
  7. To find images easily and quickly. Stock photo agencies feature great search functionality that produces more accurate results. Some even offer corresponding search terms with the images in order to give you some ideas for alternate keywords.
  8. To create and share lightboxes. Paid photo sites help you stay organized and efficient with their lightbox functionality. You can store images you like, so you can download them at a later date. You can also create multiple lightboxes for different projects.
  9. To support art. When you buy stock photos from agencies, you are helping photographers and artists around the world earn a living.
  10. To reduce stress. Finding images can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to look. Stock photo agencies have search features that allow you to quickly find the images you need, reducing your stress levels.

You may ask why you should buy stock photos if you can download them for free. Well, above are compelling reasons why you should skip the free images and just cough up a few bucks for royalty-free images. Keep in mind that your creative projects deserve the right stock images with the right releases and license. And, you can only get those from a reputable stock photo website.