Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Stock Photos

Not all good things in life are free. Some come at a price, but affordable. Stock photos won’t solve all your graphics needs, but there’s a lot they can do without breaking your bank. While there are free options in the Internet, they don’t usually come with the right license to protect you against legal issues. If you are working with a client or running your own website, this could be a real problem. Copyright infringement will not only damage your reputation. You can get photos here.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should buy stock photos:

  1. To save time. Conducting your own photoshoot is not only expensive but also time-consuming. A good stock photo website can save you time as you can find images more easily and quickly.
  2. To have a lot of choices. Many stock photo sites offer millions of high quality images in various categories, making it more likely to find the stock photo that suits your creative needs.
  3. To find compelling images. While some agencies offer “stocky” images, there are others that offer a premium collection. You can find images based on emotion, theme or concept that are ready to use.
  4. To save money. Stock images are budget-friendly. They are an inexpensive alternative to acquire compelling imagery that suits your vision.
  5. To get usage rights. When you buy stock photos, you are also buying the right license to protect you against copyright issues. Typically, they include a standard royalty-free license. But, you also have the option to get an extended license as needed.
  6. To get guaranteed model releases. To use a photo of someone, you need his or her signed release. This is not true to free sites. That’s why buying stock images from a reputable agency is crucial.
  7. To find images easily and quickly. Stock photo agencies feature great search functionality that produces more accurate results. Some even offer corresponding search terms with the images in order to give you some ideas for alternate keywords.
  8. To create and share lightboxes. Paid photo sites help you stay organized and efficient with their lightbox functionality. You can store images you like, so you can download them at a later date. You can also create multiple lightboxes for different projects.
  9. To support art. When you buy stock photos from agencies, you are helping photographers and artists around the world earn a living.
  10. To reduce stress. Finding images can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to look. Stock photo agencies have search features that allow you to quickly find the images you need, reducing your stress levels.

You may ask why you should buy stock photos if you can download them for free. Well, above are compelling reasons why you should skip the free images and just cough up a few bucks for royalty-free images. Keep in mind that your creative projects deserve the right stock images with the right releases and license. And, you can only get those from a reputable stock photo website.

What is Royalty Free Definition?

Before we state the royalty-free definition, let us discuss what a royalty is first. A royalty is payment agreed to be paid to use an item. For instance, a company pays royalties for software based on the number of computer on which software is to be loaded. A radio station may also pay royalties based on the number of times a song is played on air. In photography, a photographer can be hired by the newspaper or magazine for a fee for an image and will be paid of royalty each time an image is reproduced.

Image owners and publishers both agree on terms of a license to use the image. Rights Managed license (RM) is widely used for commercial transaction. Payment is based on the use of the image, how long the images can be used, where that image can be published, and the only type of media in which the image can maximize its size and resolution. On the other hand, small businesses commonly purchase Royalty free license (RF).

Every photo, drawing or image is typically protected by a copyright. If you wish to use an image that you did not create or own, you must obtain a license of that specific image before using it. Several stock agencies sell Royalty-Free stock images as part of their collections. The two oldest and well known stock media sites are Corbis Images and Getty Images. iStockphoto and Shutterstock also offer Royalty-Free photos.

While you can download images for free from the Internet, it is still best for you and your brand to purchase cheap stock photos to protect yourself from copyright violations. Keep in mind that copyright issues will not only hurt your pockets, but your reputation as well. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money and credentials just because you’re too cheap to spend a small amount.


What are Royalty Free Images?

What are royalty free images? Royalty free images are images purchased with a royalty free license. They are submitted by talented and dedicated photographers and artists around the world to stock photo agencies for royalties. As a result, creative professionals like you can purchase them for a one-time flat fee and use them in any creative project for as long as you need. You don’t have to pay for royalties each time you use the images for personal and commercial purposes.


Are royalty free images free of charge?

Royalty free images are not for free. Contrary to what other people think, royalty free images come with a price. This price is usually determined by the stock photo agency you buy it from and the quality of the images. Many stock sites now offer royalty free images of varied sizes for the same price. So, size is not a factor – except for websites that still consider it when pricing their images. The name might mislead you to thinking that they don’t cost you money.

The concept actually means you don’t have to pay royalties to the owner of the images every time you use them or when you generate profit from them. You only have to pay once and you can use the image anytime you want. Compared to Rights Managed and Editorial images, royalty free images are usually cheaper. They start at $1 to $15 when bought individually. You can even get them for a lot less when you purchase them in packs or when you subscribe to a plan.

Top Agencies that Sell Royalty Free Images

Many stock photo agencies offer royalty free images. They include:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock
  • Fotolia
  • StockPhotoSecrets
  • Adobe Stock
  • Depositphotos
  • Getty Images

These stock photo sites offer high quality royalty free images. They have large collections of images in their libraries at different sizes and resolutions.

How are they different from Rights Managed Images?

Although both only require a one-time fee, royalty free and rights managed images have distinct differences. With royalty free, you can use the image in any project for as long as you want. On the other hand, rights managed only allows you to use the image in a specific way, at a specific place and on a specific period of time. In addition, you cannot get exclusive rights with royalty free. Exclusivity is available with rights managed for an additional fee.

What are royalty free images? After reading this article, you should be able to understand what royalty free images are and how they differ from their rights managed counterparts. Keep in mind that royalty free images do not equate to FREE images. They are available for a flat fee. We also included stock photo agencies, where you can buy high quality, royalty free images to jump-start your creative projects.

Download all the Images You Need without a Getty Images Coupon Code

Coupon codes have been playing a great part in every creative project’s success. They have been giving bloggers, web designers and business people the opportunity to work with the best stock photo agencies in the market. They have helped clear some space on their budgets for other important things. In a word, they made all creative projects possible without the need for creative professionals to break their banks.

getty-images-250Stock photo agencies that offer coupon codes include Shutterstock, iStock, BigStock and Depositphotos. These are great stock photo websites. There is no doubt about that. However, sometimes, we wish for greater things and Getty Images is one of them. Getty prides itself as one of the top stock photo sites in the market. It aims to move the world with images, and so far, it has done a marvelous job in representing talented photographers and artists and working with media and content partners.

Unfortunately, there are no Getty Images coupon code you can use to purchase premium content. The images in the stock site are more expensive than its cheaper stock counterparts and, without a coupon, you could go beyond your budget. But, we are glad to be the bearer of good news! Although the stock photo site does not offer any promo codes, they are introducing a new product that works just like a Getty Images coupon code.

Getty Images Ultrapack


Getty Images Ultrapack is the perfect solution for creative professionals out there who want to experience the stock photo website but do not have the budget. It is a new way to purchase images in Getty now and we think it is as good as Getty Images coupon code. It offers great benefits and discounts that will surely make bloggers, web designers and businesspersons happy.

  • Pay upfront, download forever. Ultrapacks allow you to download images and use them forever with a single upfront pay. As long as log in to your Getty account at least once a year from your purchase, you can download and use your images whenever you need them.
  • Big, big discounts. Although no Getty Images coupon code is used, Ultrapacks provides great discounts. In fact, you can save up to 31% from original image prices when you purchase a bigger Ultrapack with an Editorial license.

Getting a Getty Images Ultrapack is like using a coupon code. It lets you save loads of money that you can use in other projects. With an Ultrapack, you do not have to worry about going beyond your budget because the image packages can be purchased at great discounts. The best thing about this is you get custom rights at the same price, unlike other stock photo agencies that charge you separately.

Get Creative with Adobe Stock Free Photos

Adobe Stock is a stock image database integrated with Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign. It has over 50 million premium quality images, curated by Adobe, in its library. Depending on your creative needs and budget, you can purchase and acquire images – pay per image or choose a subscription. You will also be happy to know that the stock photo website currently has an Adobe Stock free trial.

Adobe Stock offers world-class images right inside your favorite Creative Cloud desktop application. It allows you to access, purchase and manage your images directly from your CC software. All you have to do is subscribe to an image plan to find the perfect photo to jump-start your creative project and make it amazing. Perhaps, you would like to try Adobe Stock free for one month. Here is a link that will lead you directly to the offer.

About the Adobe Stock Free Trial

This Adobe Stock promo offers creative users worldwide the opportunity to try the stock site for one month free of charge. It gives you a one-month refund on your annual 10 image a month subscription plan, which means you will get 10 free images within the next month. The offer is cancel risk free, so you can cancel anytime within the first month without consequences. Moreover, standard subscription rates will resume at the end of your offer term, unless you change or cancel your subscription.

The Adobe Stock free trial is available for new subscribers of the annual 10 image a month plan. It is also available when you add the same plan to your new or existing Creative Cloud plan. Only one free trial per one subscribing customer with a 12-month subscription is allowed. Also, only users 18 years above and residing in countries not subject to local and US export restrictions are eligible. The offer expires on April 30, 2016, so hurry and get your 10 free images today!        

What is included with the required subscription plan?

what is adobe stockAs mentioned, the free trial is only available to subscribers of the annual 10 image per month plan. The subscription plan allows you to download and use 10 images a month. It also lets you purchase additional images for only $2.99 each if 10 images are not enough for your creative needs. On the other hand, unused downloads can be rolled over to the next month. In fact, you can roll over up to 120 images. In addition, your first month will be refunded.

What are you waiting for? This is your chance to try one of the leading stock photo agencies in the market and determine if it suits your creative needs without commitments.

The Don’ts on Using Cheap Stock Images

Cheap Stock PhotosThe Internet is overflowing with stock images from various stock photo agencies. It is also filled with numerous tips and tricks on using them effectively. Surely, you will find many articles about the dos of using cheap stock images and they are without a doubt effective. However, knowing the dos is not enough to make an effective marketing campaign. You also need to know the things you should avoid doing.

  • Don’t use a stock photo is you have a better alternative. You may think that this statement is against stock images, but it is not. Aside from the expensive and time-consuming photoshoots, what else is greater than cheap stock images? The only thing better than stock images is higher quality stock images.
  • Don’t use clichéd or overused images. When it comes to stock images, the first idea that comes to your mind is the most generic. This means that there is a great chance you will see the same images in other websites, worse your competitor’s site. If you want to use an image effectively, dig deeper in the search results.
  • Don’t buy stock images that do not relate to your brand or style. The right images can easily make a website attractive and the bad ones can instantly ruin it. The images must relate well to your style or brand in order to make a strong visual connection between your website and your articles. Use cheap stock images that reinforce your brand and your message. Make sure that they are not only decorations.
  • Don’t settle for outdated or non-professional images. When choosing images, make sure the quality looks like they have been photographed with modern, high –resolution camera – unless you are rooting for a retro theme. Make sure the models in the image are not wearing outdated fashion and technology because they easily bring down the quality of your project.
  • Don’t crop unnaturally. One of the major issues with cheap stock images is that they rarely fit the space they are use in. You may need to edit them to use them effectively. To avoid any space awkwardness, purchase images according to your needs. Stock photo agencies are now selling images in various sizes. Choose one that suits your creative needs. You can also crop them as long as you do it naturally.

Knowing the don’ts in using stock images is as important as knowing the dos. It keeps you from making stock photo mistakes that can ruin your creative projects. Moreover, it can help you use the images effectively to create the perfect design for your website, blog, presentations and other materials. Get cheap stock images to attract the attention of everyone and enhance the performance of your marketing strategies now.